Welcome to The Yoga & Mind Academy Rotterdam

Our Anatomy module thoroughly takes you into the functional approach of Yoga Anatomy, Your first step into Yin Yoga & deepen your own practice of your body & Mind.

Our Nidra Module  This course trains you to guide others in Yoga Nidra, whilst facilitating your own transformation. Yoga Nidra is often misunderstood as merely a form of relaxation. However, this is hardly a fraction of its vast potential.

Our Mind Module teaches how to change Your Subconscious Brain, Change Your Life, Overcome Obstacles, and Reach Any Goal with a Revolutionary Technique how to Change Your Mind: Learn How To Rewire Your Brain And Achieve Healthier Thought Patterns For A Better Quality Of Life’

Yoga & Mind Academy Rotterdam

Where teachers and non teachers learn how to teach skilfull & safe & or deepen their own practice & develope their own practice and or deepen their mind development.